Big Dog Muzzle

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Big Dog Or Similar Snout Size

big dog muzzle Large wire basket dog muzzle for
big dogs

Muzzles are used to reduce the risk a dog poses to people and other animals by restricting the dog's ability to bite. They are commonly used by veterinarians and animal care staff concerned with handling or treating frightened, injured or distressed dogs, as well as anyone managing - or introducing - dogs that may be aggressive to people or other animals. Some municipal bylaws or provincial legislation, such as Ontario's Dog Owners' Liability Act, may require your dog to be muzzled when off your property, or on your property in an unsecured area.

Below are some tips to help guide you as you select a muzzle and present it to your pet. How you introduce a muzzle to your dog can have a significant impact on how quickly he is able to accept wearing it calmly. If your dog is already struggling with wearing a muzzle try incorporating some of the training pointers to help him learn to adjust.

What type of muzzle should I buy for my dog?
It is important to purchase a muzzle that allows for normal breathing, panting and drinking. Basket style muzzles, such as the one pictured below, are recommended by the Ontario SPCA because they allow your pet to be comfortable during regular outdoor activity - however, no muzzle should be worn for a long period of time. The Ontario SPCA does not regard alternative styles of muzzles as appropriate because they restrict the dog's ability to pant, trapping heat inside the dog's body, and prevent the dog from being able to drink water - increasing the dog's vulnerability to overheating and heatstroke

A dog muzzle is a device which is designed to prevent a dog from opening its mouth. Dog muzzles are used in training, to retrain aggressive dogs, and to prevent barking. When used properly, a dog muzzle is a very useful tool which can be used to teach your dog more socially acceptable behavior. Many dog supply stores sell dog muzzles along with other tools for training, and a veterinarian or dog trainer can teach you how to use a dog muzzle responsibly.

There are a number of different styles of dog muzzle, ranging from simple nylon straps which slip around a dog's nose to basket muzzles, which are made from wire or leather. Many muzzles are padded for the comfort of the dog, and some are designed to allow a dog to eat or drink while wearing the muzzle. In all cases, the design of a muzzle should not restrict a dog's ability to breathe freely.

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