Mastiff dog training

Mastiff Dog training

Mastiff training must be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect, with consistency and understanding. Obedience training at a young age is recommended. Mastiffs are happy to learn, but may refuse to perform tricks they consider pointless.


A Guide To Spanish Mastiff Dog Secrets
by Jason Grant

The Mastiff dog is a dog fan favorite and has proven to be very interesting. Pronounced (Matin de Espanol) in Spanish countries this article will be written about the Spanish Mastiff. This breed is currently in the process of being recognized by the Foundation Stud Service and has an active parent club in the unites states.

Breed membership in this organization has several requirements. The Spanish Mastiff doesn't meet all of these requirements yet. There are a lot of dog fans who are doing what is necessary to get it's acceptance official.

Mastiff dog training

Mastiff Dog Beginnings
This dog is part of the mastiff breed and originally from Spain. In fact in some parts of Spain this dog is used as a guard dog for sheep and cattle. Noted for having an even temper the Spanish Mastiff is gentle mannered with children. This dog is prone to aggression with other dogs and will not tolerate strangers. The mastiff dog is usually kept in the outdoors. If the situation arises where the dog needs to be kept inside then it should have access to a large fenced in yard and of course daily walks.

This particular mastiff type breed is a large one. They tend to have deep chest,long legs and they tend to be longer then they are tall. The associated dewlap of the mastiff breed is present along with the large head with a deep muzzle.

What is a Dewlap? Loosely hanging beneath the chin and over the top of the chest are fold or folds of skin. This serves primarily as a deterrent to predators. It works by preventing a would be predator from sinking it's teeth into this most vulnerable part of the dog's anatomy. The coat on this breed tends to be very dense. With colors that range from fawn,lemon,wolf gray and black and white. The coat's main function is to protect the dog from weather extremes.

There you have it! A number of interesting facts about the Spanish mastiff. So there you have it a myriad of facts concerning the Spanish mastiff. One fact not really mentioned before is this breed can be quite a heavy and large dog. Some of the bigger ones can stand over 2 1/2 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh in upwards of 140 pounds. The Spanish mastiff I am sure will become one of your favorite mastiff breeds to learn even more about.

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