Mastiff - Largest Breed of Dogs

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August 13, 2021

As you know there are many breeds that are considered to be huge, but none of them can truly compare to the Mastiff in terms of mass. In terms of height, the Mastiff is considered to be the third tallest dog, behind the Irish Wolfhound and the Great Dane. The mass and height of these dogs often make them appear formidable to strangers, which is why they are often used as guard dogs.

The reward for the biggest dog goes to an English Mastiff by the name of Cloe. Cloe was a Mastiff that lived in Tibet during the 1980s. Cloe was said to have weighed about 365 pounds, and was 38 inches tall. Other notable Matisffs include Zorba and Hercules. Residing in the U.K., Zorba weighed in at 343, was 37 inches tall, and had a length of 8 feet and 3 inches. Hercules, from Massachusetts, weighs in at 282 pounds and has a neck that measures in at 38 inches.

Tracking/Walking Leather Dog Harness for Mastiff

Would you like to make daily walking with your Mastiff more comfortable? Are you training your dog for tracking work? Having light weight and ergonomic design, this Walking Leather Harness will be of great use for these purposes! Mastiff breed is well known by its strength and power. If your Mastiff has a habit to pull on walks, the special Y-designed chest plate will help to distribute the pressure all over its torso to prevent your dog from gasping. This feature will make your pet’s movements better controlled and everyday walking will become much safer!

Excellent Mastiff Collar Decorated with Conchos

Collars are no longer just for carrying identification or fastening a leash. They come in many styles, colors and patterns, often revealing the passions of a pet's human companion. Dog collars can make fashion statements, social statements or lifestyle statements. Choose a collar that is designed for comfort, durability and safety, and have fun picking out fashionable style for your Mastiff with this Exclusive Leather Collar with silver-like Conchos.

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