Pledge of Long Life for Mastiff

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September 16, 2021

Every dog owner wants his dog to be happy, strong, healthy and to live long. The majority of Mastiff specialists claim that an average Mastiff dog will live for about 10 years. But if you provide him with proper care, feeding and training he will be able to live more than 15 years such as famous female Mastiff named Kush. 

One of the reason of long life is daily exercise which is necessary for such massive, stubborn and slobbery dogs. Remember exercising a Mastiff isn't as difficult as it seems to be. They do not have an excessive energy as many of working dog breeds. Be sure your Mastiff will be happy to have two walks a day of about 20 minutes around the neighbourhood. Also their exercise can be hikes in the forest, swims in the pool or in the local lake, chasing balls, etc. Choose whatever your Mastiff likes more and enjoy your everyday activities!

Today we present you this Decorated Leather Collar which will make your Mastiff stylish and fashionable. Order this dog accessory to please your lovely doggie! Being made of premium quality full grain natural leather the Collar is extra strong, reliable and pleasant to touch. Besides, it is durable enough to withstand overload if your dog pulls too hard. This Collar won’t probably tear due to this leather material, so it is a great choice for handling such large breed as Mastiff. 
If you need a multifunctional harness for daily walks and agitation training of your Mastiff, this variant will perfectly meet these demands. You will be pleased with quality and usability of this Reliable Leather Harness! Your Mastiff’s chest will be well protected from hits due to the thick solid front plate padded with soft felt. Besides, specially considered Y-shape if this plate will allow your pet to move without restriction that is very important during agitation training sessions.
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