Short Facts from Mastiff History

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  May 29, 2013  


The origins of the Mastiff can be traced back to thousands of years BC. Later on, they were used in battles and fighting competitions against gladiators, bears and lions. With the passing of time, they became recognized as loyal companions to humans and they were trained and used as guard dogs for estates and households. 

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Chic Looking Muzzle with Cones and Studs

Luxurious Brass Studded Leather Mastiff Muzzle


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Handcrafted Leather Dog Collar with Brass Plates

Amazing Looking Leather Collar for Mastiffs


Every dog owner wants his pet to feel comfortable wearing the best accessories. We are glad to offer you this Excellent High Quality Collar model combining comfort with the best quality and anaffordable price! It is made of full grain leather that is considered to be one of the most convenient materials for dog training equipment.