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Mastiff Muzzle

Our web store is glad to offer you a wide range of choice of various dog muzzles for all breeds. Nowadays, dog muzzles is an indispensable accessory enacted in many countries.
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As we're offering diverse dog muzzle models, you will sure find the one suitable for your dog. Whether you choose a leather dog muzzle, or a metal one, it's up to you to decide conforming to your needs and preferences. Secure your dog and surrounding people as a dog is first of all an animal and it does have its instincts sometimes difficult to resist, like all the animals do. We guarantee that our dog muzzles will not cause any damage for your pet's health. Leather dog muzzles will allow your four-legged friend to feel rather free. Meanwhile, high quality leather straps will prevent Mastiffs from injuring other people. The peculiarity of leather dog muzzles is that they protect your dog's snout in case of hit. Leather is absolutely safe for walking in frost.
A well conceived buckle system will assure a tight and reliable fit and will allow to put the muzzle on or off rather quickly.

Metal dog muzzles will be of great use for happy owners of ''serious'' dogs. The metal muzzles we are suggesting you are all furnished with additional leather or foam rubber pad protecting your dog's skin from rubbing. Being made of high quality steel wire, the metal muzzles will serve for a long time gently preventing your Mastiff from committing follies. You can also purchase a metal dog muzzle with warmth-keeping material. Such models are destined for walking dogs in nipping frost. We are not recommending to use them in warm time of the year. Buying a dog muzzle in our store, you will surely get a required and safe for your pet's health accessory of excellent quality.

Choosing muzzles for Mastiffs it is necessary to remember that your pet will have to remain muzzled for a rather long period during the day. That is why it's difficult to make a definite choice despite a wide range of various shaped models you can see in different dog shops. Cone-shaped dog muzzles are offered most frequently. It is absolutely uncomfortable as a muzzle must ''lie'' on dog's snout, but not to constrict it. We advise you to look for cylinder-shaped muzzles allowing your dog to open his mouth and to put his tongue out.

Actually dog muzzles are being made of various materials. The most widespread are leather, metal, nylon and plastic. As for shape kinds, they are represented by wire-shaped muzzles, blind muzzles and so called bear-loops. Leather basket muzzles will be especially suitable for unaggressive dogs. Being crafted of leather straps, such muzzles allow a dog to breath freely, or to stick his tongue out. Besides, leather dog muzzles normally has a rather light weight. Only plastic muzzles weight less but they often crack in frost or under hits. Using a plastic dog muzzle makes sense only if your dog takes part in races where every gram matters.

Choosing a leather muzzle, you have to be aware that leatherette muzzles are often erroneously called leather ones. Dog muzzles made of leatherette cost less but their period of use is considerably less as well. Genuine leather is much more durable, so such muzzle will serve much longer, yet, it is much more expensive. You have to pay attention to the rivets connecting the straps. It is recommended to check carefully so as they have no burrs, and the rivets itselfs must be made of high quality metal. You also need to make attention to the way of muzzle adjustment. If your Mastiff is accustomed for a muzzle and doesn't try to put it off all the time, in this case one strap will be enough. Otherwise, it is better to use a construction with a forehead strap.

In case if your Mastiff is aggressive or goes in for attack/agitation training, you must use a wire metal muzzle. It is recommended to use them only while above-zero temperature, as dog's tongue can freeze to the metal in winter time. You can prevent your dog from this unpleasant situation purchasing a metal muzzle with heat insulation material. As such muzzles weights too much, it is reasonable to use them only in exceptional cases. Front metal wire, sometimes doubled, has rather a decorative value. Though, sometimes it can prevent your dog from picking garbage up in the streets. If you have decided to buy a metal muzzle with front bar, make sure that the bars were vertical, then, it will be less probable to break teeth with it. You have also remember that metal dog muzzles have an unpleasant feature. In case of hit, the dog can injure not only the object of aggression but also itself. It has to be mentioned one more time that metal muzzles are destined mainly for big and aggressive dogs.

Blind dog muzzles are made of leather or synthetic fabric. It is an interim variant between metal and leather basket-shaped muzzles. Wearing such muzzle even a big dog will be troubled to bite. As opposed to metal muzzles such muzzle can't injure a dog. But a dog may not wear it for a long time in hot days as he ''perspire'' by means of his tongue. The only advantage of blind muzzles under a metal ones is that it weights considerably less.

Dog training tools industry has recently presented a new type of dog muzzles made of nylon or other synthetic material, having a shape of a loop, so called ''bear-loop''. The muzzles of this type are usually fixed by means of Velcro fasteners. It is a great idea to use them is you need to take your dog in public transport, respecting the law. It also can be used for vet visits or dog socializing. Choosing a muzzle, remember, that you buy it not for yourself but for your pet, and, first of all,  it must be comfortable.

In our online pet store you may find a wide range of products for any purpose. If you are looking for another solution for walking your pet comfortably check our harnesses, collars and leashes. Need some equipment for attack/agitation training, check our puppy bite tugs and protection sleeves. If you just want to have fun with your pet get him a new training toy.

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