Past and Present of Mastiff Breed

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October 14, 2021
As you know Mastiffs have quite a violent past in the service of men. Due to such characteristics as aggressiveness, brutal strength and immense size they were used as fighting dogs for the Romans' entertainment. Imagine that these giant dogs even participate in fights with bears and lions! But during war conflicts Mastiffs changed fighting arena to the battlefield; violent, fearful dogs of 100 kilos were terrible threat for any invaders. Only privileged warriors had such an honor to own a Mastiff dog which were specially trained for war and protection.
But the times had changed and Mastiffs forgot their fighting past. They were often used as loyal protectors and watchdogs in the castles of nobility. Gradually after the breed was finally established in the XX century Mastiffs became great family pets. Their temperament isn't like it used to be; it's a long time since he retired from wars and fights. Nowadays Mastiffs are just wonderful friendly pets, a bit stubborn and lazy; but he still impresses everyone with his great strength, size and power.
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