Large Mastiff

The history of the Mastiff goes all the way back to 2500 B.C. In fact all of the mountain dogs of European countries such as Turkey , Spain and France and even the Balkan areas have genetic roots tracing back to the Mastiff. Even dogs native to China such as the Chow Chow, which previously was thought to be the only dog to have descended from the bear has genetic roots to the Mastiff. Ironically, the pug, often only weighing in at fifteen pounds, is now believed to have originated as a form of Mastiff dwarfism.

Tibetan Mastiff is rare kind of large shaped dog, which originated from Tibet and its neighboring countries. They are simple looking dogs with aloof and protective temperament and they are treated as pets. These dogs have strong structure with a tall body type but not at all fierce. Generally these dogs are 18-25 inches tall in size and their weight goes up to 45 - 90 kg. It is the very large kind of dog with large, massive, bear like heads, which appear as stiff and blunt gag. The noses of Tibetan Mastiffs are big in size and black colored, while the upper lips cover the lower lips. The heavy ruffs surround their necks, whereas the hair on the head is light and short. The puffy tail tresses over the back in Spitz fashion, with these tails the various colored dogs are looking so attractive. They are not only attractive in looks, but they have a pleasant nature also. It was previously mentioned that, their nature is calm and thoughtful, however they are very loyal to their families as well. These are very socialized kind of creatures, who are beloved of children, but they become little shy in front of the strangers. Tibetan Mastiffs are not at all aggressive; if the owner takes another dog in the same home then they dont create any problem. Rather if they find dog of opposite sex then they try to be with opposite

The Spanish Mastiff is part of the large dog breed family. It has a muscular/robust look to it. Loose skin covers the dogs' body, thus forming wrinkles on the forehead and muzzle. The loose skin will continue to cover the dog, but normally won't form wrinkles anywhere else on the dogs' body other than it head area. This bred of dog has medium-droopy ears, long legs, long-barrel-like torso, thick-long tail, thick-medium length muzzle, and big-bulky paws. Spanish Mastiffs are very muscular. When a person first sees one they think "I'll just back away now." This breed of dog has a very aggressive look to it.

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