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  • Model: M55##1071 Leather dog muzzle


Perfect Attack Leather Dog Muzzle for Mastiff

Do you need to train your Mastiff for directed attack? Are you searching a suitable muzzle for agitation training? The Perfect Attack Leather Muzzle for Mastiff is exactly what your dog needs! Combining an amazing quality with a reasonable price this Muzzle is approved by professional dog trainers. It will assure your dog maximum safety during attack agitation training.

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Cane Corso muzzle made of genuine leather with ventilation holes

Ventilated agitation Cane Corso muzzle

Reinforced front part of this muzzle will protect your dog's snout from hits during attack training session

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  • Leather attack training dog muzzle Perfect agitation training Mastiff muzzle with ventilation holes
  • Reinforced leather agitation training Mastiff muzzle Attack training Mastiff muzzle with reinforcement

Key features of this Mastiff Muzzle:

  • extra quality leather
  • extra snout protection
  • sewn-in sturdy steel bars
  • thick felt nose padding
  • well ventilated
  • anti-bite protection

Intended use of this Mastiff Breed Muzzle:

  • attack/agitation training
  • off-leash training
  • patrolling
  • guard job
  • vet visits

Sizes available:

  • 3 sizes

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

How to measure your Mastiff for good fit muzzle:

How to measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

Special design for your Mastiffís safety
This Muzzle has been elaborated especially for active attack training therefore represents several key advantages for this purpose.
- Itís made of thick full grain leather that will assure secure attack/agitation training of your Mastiff.
- Itís provided with steel bar sewn inside the whole front part of the Muzzle, preventing your dogís snout from traumas while attack training.
- The Muzzle has also a thick soft felt padding in the nose zone providing an extra comfort and protection of your Mastiff.
- Though the Muzzle has a closed design it still provides a good airflow to your dog.
Dear customers, please donít forget the attack training muzzles are not destined for long wearing especially while hot weather. Avoid your petís overexposing to heat!

Reliable quality
Itís known the leather is one of the most agreeable materials for the dogs. This Perfect Attack Leather Muzzle for Mastiff is made of full grain genuine leather that will assure an amazing wear-and-tear resistance. The leather straps are riveted with rust resistant metal providing a long service of this Muzzle.
Be advised! Dog experts are recommending to make a cleaning of the Muzzle from dust, saliva, grass etc. after every training.
The rust resistant buckles make the Muzzle easy adjustable so you only have to make sure they are fitted properly!

Having bought this Perfect Attack Leather Muzzle for Mastiff once, you will solve the problem of safe agitation training for many years and your pet will be protected and well motivated for efficient attack training!


This dog muzzle will suit perfectly such breeds as Cane Corso, Dogue De Bordeaux, Mastiff, and other similar breeds.
Below you are welcome to see how this tool looks on various breeds.
Please, When you place an order for this gear, please, name your breed and we will gladly help you in choosing appropriate size of the product for your pet

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