Taking Care of Your Mastiff - Basic Obedience Training

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February, 25, 2013


Dear Customer, we believe that your Mastiff is very kind both to other pets and people as well as occasional passers-by when he is walking calmly in the street. However, you probably have noticed that some people very often are scared of your dog, just because he is massive and looks concentrated, that is sometimes unfortunately misunderstood as aggressive.


Indeed, it’s a huge responsibility to be an owner of Mastiff. When you bring puppy to your house you receive so called “tabula rasa (white paper list)” and it’s depends upon you very much what character and personality will your puppy gain. Will he become super kind or aggressive, will he love you endlessly or be terrified when you come close. 
We don’t want you to worry;) In fact, usually it doesn’t take much efforts and time to raise obedient and kind, however protective Mastiff. However, it takes patience. 
Have a nice day and good luck =)



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