Taking Care of Your Mastiff - Proper Feeding

We'd like to note that we do not make any statements in this newsletter. We only share with you some points which were claimed by different dog experts. It's up to you whether to believe this article or not and whether to follow it. We respect your opinion and point of view and have no aim to let you down.


April, 28, 2014


Today we'd like to share with you some more information about proper nutrition for Mastiffs. Sometimes we may feed our dogs with products from our plates and some dog experts consider that it is wrong. They think most of this food poisonous for our pets. Whether it's so, who knows, but we should be awared.

Certain place among these "fishy" products occupies chocolate, that most of dogs love so much. Yes, it's not a mistake, exactly this sweet treat can be the most dangerous for our poochies. They say, it will do much harm not only to teeth, but to the whole organism as well. 
It's up to every dog owner to decide how to feed his pet, give him just a healthy food with small praizes of dog treats or allow him to eat whatever he wants. After all, a lot of us like to eat tasty snacks that aren't wholesome, though we like them. As well as our best friends like to pull off something prohibited and enjoy far away from others! 
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